Successful, Alive & Sexy Smart!
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How To Be Successful And Sexy In Business Without feeling overwhelmed..

Even If You’re Working 80 Hours A Week…
To Beautiful Women in Business ,

Business is tough. But being a woman in business is even tougher. I know from firsthand experience and have been through it myself.  

Besides the “normal” drama of running your business, we also have to take care of our significant others and the family… At the end of the day, we have no time left for ourselves.

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t be both successful AND sexy in business. 
The only thing you’re missing is the knowledge on how to do it. 
My S.A.S.S (Successful And Sexy Smart) program will breakthrough all the confusion for you, unlock the door to your Queendom, and help you become the very best version of yourself ! 
  • Discover the Secrets to S.A.S.S
  • NEW ways to transform and increase profits 
  • Secrets to your hidden talents
  • Attract high paying clients
  • Build your business in a whole new way- using your feminine power
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Do you feel held hostage by your business?
Do you feel exhausted & overwhelmed?
Is your business running your life  ?
Do you feel unappreciated, financial or otherwise?
 No energy left  to your enjoy life & sexy....
Hi, my name is Chrystal Clifton.
I’m a lifelong entrepreneur turned Success Coach  who has successfully owned, operated, and sold businesses for over 15 years.

 I’ve taken businesses from battles to breakthroughs, and have the battle scars to prove it.

 My Brands have been featured in: 
“Chrystal has infectious energy and amazing insight on business. Her program helped me leverage new revenue streams and ideas for my business.  
She truly is dynamic, professional and results oriented.
  A true breakthrough!

- Kym Luck, Owner of Vail Stables
“You can’t grow your business without customers, you can’t get customers without being seen! Chrystal is the ultimate brand creator and positioning strategist for the entrepreneur wanting to be seen and heard in a crowded market. If you want to grow your business and see fast results, Chrystal is sure to get you there, fast … guaranteed!
Cynthia Davis, CEO and Founder – Leaders of Distinction
“Chrystal’s ability to be intuitive and creative when dealing with business is astounding. Her natural ability, high level of expertise coupled with her energy and enthusiasm are the perfect recipe for success. Her program was transformative for the success I needed in my life & my business!”

Sara Gummere, Owner/ Co-Founder – Transcendence
Somewhere along the way, in between the crazy work hours, the stress of running my business, and taking care of my family, I started to lose something inside of me…

In order to be successful in business, I thought that women had to behave a certain way So I did things the way that men did. And in the process I started to lose my female essence…

 I started to lose who I was. I never want any woman to feel the way that I did. 

That’s why I created this training program –S.A.S.S. to help female entrepreneurs build success on their own terms! Build a flourishing business and do work that matters whilst staying true to themselves as women.
How This Program Will Help You As A Woman In Business
Business is tough. 
But being a woman in business is even tougher.
I know from firsthand experience and have been through it myself.  

I wish I had access to a program like this when I first started out in business. So now I want to give this knowledge to you.
This program will help if you’ve ever:
  • Struggled with stress…
  •   Suffered from stagnating profits…
  • Lost sleep over staff turnover…
  •   Failed to land the clients that you want…
  •  Felt confused and didn’t know what to do next to truly grow your business…
  •   Suffered from exhaustion and lost the passion for your business…
  •  Known deep inside that your business is capable of growing a lot more than it is right now… 
  •  Relationships have suffered
I WISH I had access to a program like this when I was in business.
So now I want to give this knowledge to YOU!
“I would highly recommend Chrystal to anyone who wants to build their business. Chrystal’s program is organized and efficient, creative and focused. She is open-minded, a broad thinker, and creative. She is a strategic planner with thoughtful respect to achievable outcomes and always full of ideas with the end goal in sight. Her program shined light on how to truly build my business! She's brilliant!”
- Laura Drammer, Berkshire Hathaway 
 Chrystal’s experience as a female business owner give the program a highly specialized and applicable focus which all women in business can learn from. Don’t waste time making mistakes. Let Chrystal show you how to avoid common pitfalls and save you time, money, and energy.
- Crystal Stokes, Founder of Catalyst Breakthroughs
Use The Trainings In This Course 
To Create A Successful And Long-lasting Business
This special course was designed for female entrepreneurs just like YOU!
  To break away the shackles of confusion, fear and doubt.
So you can truly embrace who YOU are and become…
  • Insanely successful, build profits beyond your wildest dreams
  •  Feel rejuvinated, empowered and sexy smart…
  •   Capable of truly knowing how to access your power as a business woman…
  •   And fill your life with the natural strength of being a woman – without being exhausted, stressed or overwhelmed anymore…
There are 4 key foundations in this course. 
Once you breakthrough them all, you will revolutionize your life and your business.
And become a better version of yourself!!

Until you know who you are, you won’t know where to go next. 
The first step to achieving success begins with you.
What makes you special and unique?

Every woman is born successful, sexy, and smart – it’s our natural gift.
Be confident in yourself. Inside this training we’ll find clarity on who you are. 

This way you can define yourself and send a clear message to the market. 

Be everything for someone, not something for everyone.

Customers will naturally spend more time with you when they understand who you are. 

  • Benefit: Learn the Science of Fascination
  • Feature: Become more influential & confident
  • Distinguish: Your Archetype & your top two advantages
What are your beliefs?
How can you say YES to more profits & the life you want?
How to increase your energy, health & lifeforce?

AS we dive into Your beliefs, your story will ignite a vision will allow you breakthrough to a new level of success! 

Don't get stuck in the past, learn what is holding you back and break those patterns!

Discover how by saying YES can unlock a new level of success- the hack to real results.

    MODULE 3
    What are your advantages?
    How can you be more influential?
    How can you radiate, be heard & use your sexy talents? 

    Be influential, define your own advantages and learn how to speak the language of your  team & your client!
      And your business represents you.

       That’s why it’s so important to embrace your femininity. 

      Don’t deny it, don’t hide it, and never be ashamed of it. 

      Show the world with pride that you are successful, sexy, and smart..e:
      •  Benefit: Learn the Science of Fascination
      •   Feature: Become more influential & confident
      •   Distinguish: Your Archetype & your top two advantages
      Foundation 4 
      In the final foundation we’ll bring everything together.
      Women are natural born connectors.

      And the ultimate purpose of all businesses is connection.

      Therefore it’s our duty and obligation to be successful in business.

      By connecting with yourself and understanding who you are, you will be able to better connect with your clients. 

      This will create new revenue streams, increase profits and build long-term success.
       And that is sexy.

      Understand who your customers are, what they desire, and how you can serve them beyond their expectations. 

      Once you connect to them on the level they want to be connected on, you will create the profit connection for your business.
      • Benefit: Get your customers to spend up to 4x more with you
      •   Feature: Customers turn into fans
      • Distinguish : Learn how to fascinate your customer and "speak" their language
      •  Have your Brand stand out!
      Start Your Journey To Being Successful & Sexy Smart - And Fulfilled In Love, Life, And Business
      Are you ready to take back your womanhood, embrace your femininity, and grow your your business – all at the same time?
      As a special pre-sale offer, we’re offering entry into the S.A.S.S training course at a hugely discounted price! Learn how to bring S.A.S.S. into your business and your life!

       In addition to that, the you will also receive a FREE IN depth Fascination Assessment & Branding Kit  ($247 value).

      • Access to all 4 online training modules:
      •  ➢ Foundation 1 – Clarity
      •  ➢ Foundation 2 – Communication
      •  ➢ Foundation 3 – Collaboration
      •  ➢ Foundation 4 – Connection
      •  ➢ And all future training modules as they are completed
      •  Over 4 hours of premium video training
      •   6 week course to truly master every foundation
      •   FREE Fascination Assessment ($47 value)
      •   FREE 1-hour Branding Kit, designed to give you the fascination advantage ($199 value)
      •   FREE 30 minute 1-to-1 strategy call (value $199)
      Normally the price for just the program alone is $497...
      And now we’re also throwing in additional bonuses worth $245.
      Total value: $742.
      But you won’t even pay half of that when you sign up today… As a special pre-sale offer, we’re offering the SASS program For only $97 (60% OFF)
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      My mission is to help all the beautiful ladies in business who are truly ready to become unstoppable!
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      However, this offer is strictly limited and we’re only offering the program to a handful of people. 
      Once all the spaces are filled up, we’ll be closing the doors. 
      The next time we reopen, the program is going to be bigger and better than ever. But it won’t be available at this price anymore…
      100% Satisfaction Guarantee Or Your Money Back
      I’ve put my heart and soul into creating this program. 
      It is based on my 15 years of real-life business experiences, and encompasses everything I wish I had known. 
      As a female entrepreneur who’s been in the trenches, I respect and admire all women in business. 
      This program was created just for you. I’m confident that after going through it, you’ll feel a heavy weight lifted off your shoulders, become clearer in thought, and feel more alive than ever.

      My goal is for you to be successful, sexy, and smart in business. 

      Go through this program and try it for yourself. If you aren’t completely satisfied, just contact me by email or phone and I’ll refund your money.
      Here Are The Keys To Your Queendom…
      All You Have To Do Is Take Them
      This program is the breakthrough that will change your life.
      It will give you everything you need to be a successful, sexy, and smart entrepreneur.

      One who stands toe-to-toe with all the men in business.
      Not just equal, but better in every way – in confidence, in control, and in charge.
      Don’t forget that you’ll also received these great bonuses worth $245. 
      • FREE Fascination Assessment ($47 value) 
      •   FREE 1-hour Branding Kit ($199 value) 
      •   FREE 30 minute 1-to-1 strategy call (value $99) 
      •  Access to all 4 online training modules:
      •   Foundation 1 – Clarity 
      •  Foundation 2 – Communication 
      •  Foundation 3 – Collaboration 
      •  Foundation 4 – Connection 
      •   And all future training modules as they are completed 
      ➢ Total value: $742
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